Is Your Offer Good Enough to Entice Them to Buy?

The Offer

The offer is most important.   If it isn't appealing and your prospect doesn't see the value in what you're selling then everything else is irrelevant.  Try to get inside the head of your prospect and ask yourself, would my offer really entice them to buy?

Message to Market Match

Are your prospects a good match and do they need what you're offering?   Whether online or offline your message must match as closely as possible to the interests and buying history of your prospects.   If your offer isn't a good match then don't expect a good response.

Writing Sales Copy

The most important element in your sales page is writing the sales copy in a structured way that will compel your visitor to buy.  Other elements help to show what's on offer but it's the words that really count.   Knowing how to write an effective sales letter on or offline is an essential skill learnt over time.

The Headline

A good headline is vital.  If they don't read your headline nothing else matters because they won't read the rest of your sales message.  There are many different ways to write headlines.  One way is to decide what the main benefit of your product is and make that your headline.  You can also ask a question, make a statement or create a fear of loss if they don't read on:

  • Good headline: "Does Your Child Ever Embarrass You?" - (Young mothers answer 'Yes' and want to read on)
  • Bad headline:  "It's Hard Bringing Up Difficult Children" - (Stating the obvious)
  • Good headline:  "For The Woman Who is Older Than She Looks" - (Older women want to think it applies to them)
  • Bad headline: "New Beauty Treatment For Older Women" - (So what, no specific benefit)
Brief Copy Structure
  • Headline - Capture attention and get the prospect to read on
  • Introduction - A little about you or your product
  • Problem Identification - Identify the problem the reader might have
  • Solution - How your product provides the answer
  • Product Benefits - Tell them what they get and build value
  • Social Proof - Show testimonials of others who got good results
  • Guarantee - Provide an unconditional guarantee - risk reversal
  • Call To Action - Tell them how to buy and what happens after they order

Graphic Elements of a Sales Page

Your postcard or letter can send the reader to a dedicated online sales page for more information and to make a purchase.  How much information depends on the cost of the product.  The more expensive it is the more content you will need to convert their interest into a sale but because it's online there is no limit to the information you can provide.  Your sales page should include the following elements:

           Sales Video
           Product Photos
    Hair Products
          Personal Testimonials
John Smith 

I've been using this product for over a year and it's never let me down.  It has all the functions I need and a lot more and is excellent value for money.  It's definitely the best product on the market and nothing else comes close!

          Unconditional Guarantee


This product is guaranteed for 2 years. If you have any problems with it or you feel it's not performing as it should you can return it at any time during the guarantee period for a no questions asked full refund.

               Countdown timers and call to action graphics
          Package options if appropriate (Premium - Standard - Economy)


Byline about this plan.

Unlimited Users

50 GB of Storage

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Bullet Point 3
  • Bullet Point 4

£24 / month

No credit card required.


Byline about this plan.

10 Users

20 GB of Storage

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Bullet Point 3
  • Bullet Point 4

£18 / month

No credit card required.


Byline about this plan.

2 Users

5 GB of Storage

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Bullet Point 3
  • Bullet Point 4

£12 / month

No credit card required.


    Video really does help convert readers into buyers and also supports the sales copy.  Everyone knows about the popularity of YouTube which can help enormously to spread your offer across social media and drive traffic back to your sales page.  People also have short attention spans and are used to watching video and of course video helps to actually show how your product or service works and it's benefits.

    A video thumbnail should grab attention and with text it's another headline which should entice the prospect to click the start button.  As with sales copy; unless they watch the video they will never know what you have to offer them.

    When video is incorporated into a sales page you have the opportunity to have a main headline as well as the one on your video.  The following example of a video sales page shows all the main elements needed along with tips on how to make the wording effective:

    A video sales page should include the following elements:
    Video Sales Page

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