Information ​Product Development

Audio Services

​Audio Services

​​​​A number of audio recording services are offered for the purpose of creating educational audio and print products including:

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    Webinar creation, hosting & recording
  • Expert interviews online or in person
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    Audio book and product creation
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    Audio & video transcription
  • Live event audio recordings


​Webinars are planned, created, presented and recorded with experts to sell their knowledge and expertise to a potential worldwide audience.   They are guided through the whole process including:

  • Planning, creating and practicing the presentation  
  • Marketing the webinar
  • Creating a list of attendees
  • Presenting the webinar live
  • Taking payment
  • Advice on follow-up presentations

Recordings can be put inside a paid membership site and have the ability to initiate a highly profitable information business in addition to the expert's existing income.  


​Skype Interviews

​Skype interviews are another way of recording an expert's knowledge.  With screen sharing and the ability to display documents, Skype can be a very real multimedia experience for both the interviewer and interviewee.   At the end of the recording multiple formats can be offered in video, audio, digital and hard copy print.  This provides the opportunity to use the recording in many different ways for marketing and product creation purposes.

​For example, when the interview is transcribed, the recording can be used to create digital and print products that can be sold in their own right, like booklets and guides.   These can also be licensed and rebranded for others to sell under their own company name.   This creates additional licensing revenue on top of your own individual sales.

Audio Book

​Audio Books

​Sometimes it's easier and quicker to listen than read.   Audio also gives you the option to utilize travelling time on the train, in the car or walking by simply listening to an audio file on your phone.   For short files and reports a personal voice over can be provided.   For long reports and business books a synthesized voice is used.  

While not quite as personal as a real voice, it's certainly easy to listen to, quicker to produce and cuts down the cost dramatically.   For a personal story audio book a real voice might be more appropriate but this text to voice service is perfectly adequate for business reports and commercial use.   For a brief example of this service, you can listen to the introduction of the 'Publishing Tools Resource Guide'​ available from the home page here:  Audio synthesized voice example



​Transcription can be provided quickly and accurately from all types of audio​ and video recordings.   The transcription can be saved and sent in the format of your choice.   If digital, the transcription can be sent as a Word, PDF or simple text document.   If a physical print copy is required, the digital file can be incorporated into the original or created as a new publication.   

When needed, photos, graphics or images of your choice can be added to provide a complete hard copy version of your audio or video recording.   Once the quantity and preferred format for your manual, workbook or booklet is known, it can be priced to meet your needs. There is no minimum order.   It doesn't matter if it's a 5 minute audio or several hours, an accurate transcription can be provided.

Live Recordings

​Live Recordings

​For workshops and small live events in the Essex  and Suffolk area, a live audio recording service is offered.   Workshops, seminars and business meetings can be recorded and edited to provide a clear recording of the event.   The recording is unobtrusive and will not impact on the event in a negative way.   This enables the event organiser and all participants to review and learn from the event at their own pace.   Audio and video event testimonials can also be recorded to put online later.

Using the above transcription service, there is also the option to have a digital or hard copy version created from the recording.   The transcription can be for the whole event or any section within it.   Also as mentioned above, the transcription can be provided in any digital or print bound format with graphics added as required.

Print Services

​Print Services

​Educational print ​​​​products are created for marketing, resale and licensing as well as a wide choice of promotional print items.

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    ​Manuals & Workbooks
  • ​Booklets & Guides
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    ​Print Marketing
  • ​Rebranding

​Manuals & Workbooks 

​Manuals and workbooks can be created from a client's multimedia sources.    Course material, personnel and product business systems are ideal for these formats.   Collating the same subject matter into a logical format and having it bound might even initiate a new product. 

​Manuals are a great way of consolidating and storing your intellectual property too.   Always stamp confidential on printed IP documents and if not yourself, designate someone who is responsible for their security.


​Booklets & Guides 

​Small​ educational booklets and guides are easy to carry and provide a quick and easy means to get the best out of your product or service.   Tips booklets, information guides, posters,  pocket books and flash cards all educate your prospects about your product or service.   They can be given away at events, workshops and trade shows or sold as products in their own right.

A lot of content for these items can be derived from recorded interviews, webinars or simply dictating and recording your knowledge on your phone.   Once the MP3 file is received it can be formatted and sent to you for approval before being printed in your desired format.

What would your prospects rather receive to remember you; a cheap pen, key ring or mug which they will probably throw away anyway or a quality printed booklet or guide that provides genuinely good information to help them and they can refer to at anytime.   When thought out properly and printed correctly, these items can be very powerful marketing tools and sold in numerous ways.  

They also provide a potential licensing opportunity for complementary businesses to license the content to promote and sell their own products and services.   Tips booklets have been licensed by large companies and organisations in the tens of thousands to rebrand in their own name.   While not guaranteed, it does give these products huge potential!

Gift Certificates

​Print Marketing 

​While not in the context of product development, a wide variety of printed cards and flyers are offered on the Print page to promote existing products and services.   However, flyers, letters or postcards​ printed with a specific promotion and landing page website can be a very effective way to drive traffic and generate leads. 

Direct mail is being used far less now as the majority of marketing is done online.   This means there is a growing opportunity for this highly effective but uncluttered marketing channel.   This is especially true when combining direct mail and online marketing.



​Rebranding, simply means white labeling.   ​ In the licensing context, rebranding or white labeling is normal for physical products if it's allowed within the terms of the license.   This allows the licensee the right to put their name, contact details and logo on the product without any reference to the product creator.    This is common with large companies who have products created in China with a white label license.   This enables them to put their own company name on the product and sell it as their own.

This is also true with Private Label Rights information products.   If you are buying a product with a PLR license; for example a course, eBook, software or business system and want to sell it as your own, you will need to have the product rebranded with your name and company details.   If you can do this yourself, that's fine but if not Publish Marketing offer a full rebranding service for any licensed product.   ​As sales are made, a print duplication service is also available.