​Use This Information to submit your artwork correctly

If you don’t have artwork for your print order we will create it for you. Pricing depends on the product and amount of design work required. You will be allowed revisions (within reason) to get the design the way you want it.  Your order will only go to print when you are completely satisfied with the final design.  Finally you will be asked to sign off the artwork as correct before it goes to print.

If you have artwork in any of the following formats please send it to us.  We will use what you have to help create the design you are looking for. If your files are too large to send by e-mail please use dropbox (2 Gb free) or Gmail so files can be uploaded to Google Drive (15 Gb free) which enables you to send large file attachments.

Adobe Illustrator

If you are sending your own finished artwork ready for printing the following information will help you supply it in the correct colours and format:



All artwork supplied must be supplied in CMYK.  Black text and fills have the colour value C0 M0 Y0 K100. Please keep text below 12pt in black whenever possible.

Printing Resolutions

300 dpi

When scanning images for print, please make sure that they have a resolution of at least 300dpi.

Supplying Files


For the best results please send your print files in PDF format.  Do not supply files in RGB or non-specified colours as the colour tones will be different when converted to CMYK needed for commercial printing.

Bleeds and Print Margins

Colour Chart

When creating print files please allow a 3mm bleed on all sides of the artwork.  When positioning text please allow at least 3mm from the edge of the finished document to allow for cutting.