Your Customer and Prospect Lists Are Valuable Assets!

Customer List

Do you have them and how are you staying in touch?

Most businesses know that having at least a customer list is absolutely vital if they want to really grow their business.  Building an email list allows you to develop a relationship with your prospects and customers and inexpensively stay in touch.  Once trust has been built you can market to them effectively and generate a good response when making offers.  By having prospect and customer lists you are also dramatically reducing untargeted, low return advertising costs from traditional media.

Email Marketing

Email marketing enables you to create a list and market to it effectively

When prospects enter their contact details on your landing page or buy a product from your sales page you are automatically capturing their name, email or any other information you request.  Email marketing has a very high ROI and for a low monthly fee you can create multiple lists for different products and categories with any number of professional email marketing companies.

Automated emails called autoresponders can be set up to send any type of follow up or marketing message at any time you decide.  They can be personalised with the name of the recipient and once the message has been written it can be sent to your list at any time in the future.

List Segmentation

Segment your list and target different groups within it

You can create specific offers for different groups in your list for which those offers are going to be most appropriate.  For example; you might want to create a special offer to incentivise past customers who haven't bought from you in the last six months, another offer to those that have bought a certain type of product before so you can offer them something similar again and perhaps another offer to a specific age or interest group that makes up a significant portion of your list.

Segmenting your list and creating specific offers for different social groups, buying patterns or frequency will enable you to generate far better results than sending a one size fits all offer to your whole list.

Targeted Customer

A/B Split Testing

A good way to test your marketing campaigns is to use A/B split testing to find out which offers generate the best response.  When you know what works and what doesn't you can just use the offer that gives you the best response and duplicate it again in the future.  By segmenting people into different groups you can test different offers and ad types to find out what works best.  A lot of email marketing companies have A/B split testing built into their system or you can use separate split testing software.

Offer incentives to read your emails

The more often you give your subscribers special incentives the more often they will open, read and respond to your emails.  They will even look forward to your messages because they know they could be getting something special.  Incentives could be:

  • Deep discounts on your products and services
  • Relevant free reports and videos
  • Articles, tips and advice
  • Competitions to win prizes
  • Time limited offers only for list members
Ideal Customers

Targeted direct mail can help build your list of ideal prospects & customers

Direct mail combined with a highly targeted list drives recipients straight to your landing page or sales page.  Postcards in particular are a very cost effective way of doing this.  They have immediate impact, don't need opening and get your message across quickly.  If you offer an information pack in exchange for their mailing address then obviously you are building a mailing list instead of an email list which is more permanent and a terrific marketing asset to have!

Your List is Money

Your customer list is money in the bank!

Of course you want to make sales from your offer but the longer term goal should be to continually build your customer and prospect lists.  If you sell high priced products consider lower priced alternatives to gain sales and build trust.  You can always upsell them to your higher priced products later.

It's far easier to sell to your existing customers and you will get a much better response than prospecting for new ones.  There are also other good reasons why having an up to date customer list is as good as having money in the bank because you can profit from it in so many ways:

  • Cuts out wasteful and expensive advertising costs
  • Profit sharing joint venture opportunities will present themselves when others know you have an active customer list
  • Sell affiliate products from other companies without having to worry about order fulfillment
  • Make an offer to your list at anytime including up-sells and cross-sells for almost immediate profits
  • Do a survey to find out what they want.  Then sell it to them for almost guaranteed results

An email list will be built automatically from the customer information captured from your opt-in form.  We can set this up for you so that you can build an email list automatically.  You can then build a relationship with your subscribers and market to them whenever you want.