Automate Your Lead Generation

Apart from offers redeemed directly in store, the main purpose of the mailing is to send the prospect online to a dedicated landing page to generate a lead.  Once there, the lead generation system is automated to capture names, email addresses and any other contact information you requested automatically.

Lead Incentives

To generate the lead in the first place you need to provide an incentive.  Something free that can be downloaded, that you know will be of interest and relevant to the person visiting your sales page. For example:

PDF Report

Free Report


Free Video

MP3 Audio

Free MP3 Audio

Gift Certificate

Free Gift Certificate

It doesn't matter if you sell digital products, physical products or offer a service; offering free information and incentives in exchange for their contact details generates a lead and enables you to contact them later.  The information must be genuinely helpful to your prospects otherwise they won't give their details through an opt-in form.  If you're a local business it would probably make sense to offer a time sensitive gift certificate or voucher to incentivise them to buy.

The Lead Process

The information could be just a small taster of the full version if they buy.  What ever they download in exchange for their contact details will of course include a pitch to buy your full product or to contact you for a free trial or further information.  If you want to capture their mailing address then offer to send them an information pack through the post.  Just bear in mind the more information you ask for the less people will opt-in but it does mean you get higher quality leads.

Opt-in Forms

Opt-in Form

In the above example you can see Company Name as an additional field.  Obviously when marketing to businesses having the company name is important.  The rest of their details can be found from their website.  When marketing to consumers you would normally just ask for their name and email.

If you really want to weed out the tire kickers ask for their phone number.  It will reduce the number of opt-ins but you will end up with higher quality leads that you can follow up by phone or outsource to a telemarketing company.

Your offer with the opt-in form (or button leading to it) needs to be at the top of your home page where it's proven to be most effective or just below or to the right of a promotional video.  The video will usually prompt the viewer to enter their contact details at the end.

Opt-in forms combined with trial offers can be very powerful and convert well when targeted to the right audience:

Acai Berry Offer
Teeth Whitening Offer

Follow Up With Email Marketing & Autoresponders

Now that they have submitted their contact details you need to follow up through a series of email autoresponders or mail if you have asked for their address.  An email autoresponder acts as your email workhorse and can handle all the follow up tasks for you.  It's basically email software that allows you to create email lists, manage email lists and send emails in bulk with one click very easily.

With an email autoresponder you are able to build a list of email subscribers from people that actually want to receive your emails about your business.  With one email autoresponder you can build as many different lists as you want.  You could build a list of customers and one for inquiries.  This allows you to laser target specific campaigns for specific people.

Send unlimited personal emails with just one click

Rather than you having to sit there and type out one personal email at a time to each and every prospect's email address, an email autoresponder will actually take care of personalisation and send it for you.  All you will need to do is load up the email you want to send and with a couple of clicks an email autoresponder will send one personalised email to each and every subscriber on your email list by the name they opted in with.  This makes following up your leads personal, quick and easy.

You can also schedule emails to be sent on future times and dates.  This allows you to build email marketing sales funnels that run completely on autopilot.  Always try to build a relationship with your prospects and customers by offering tips and advice interspersed with offers and let your autoresponder do all the work for you!

We offer a complete service to set this all up for you; including:

  • Create and host your landing page
  • Write the sales copy
  • Build a video
  • Graphic creation
  • Set up your autoresponder account to build your list