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About Publish Marketing

Publish Marketing sources and creates highly targeted information products for clients to sell, use as a product bonus or to generate leads.  With restricted budgets, higher inflation and rising energy costs, it’s essential to find new ways to generate additional revenue. This comes from selling new products that complement your existing product line with proven marketing and sales systems. 

Products Come From Three Sources

  • Products from other companies
  • Products sold with resale rights
  • Products from your content, systems and expertise

Publish Marketing works on a non-invasive working partnership. No time is taken away from existing marketing and sales objectives, so there is no disruption to current work schedules. There are no retainer fees which minimises risk on your part but the systems used are proven and provide a genuine opportunity to increase revenue. 

Selling new products is just the start. When you have a list of buyers from one product, it gives you the opportunity to make higher value sales from follow-up offers made to the same list to maximise sales. However, it's crucial to get the process and strategy right and have good copy. In doing so, it enables you to build new and growing revenue streams for the long-term. 

Publish Marketing can show you creative ways how to increase your information product line and repackage content in blogs, articles and social media posts. Also, how to create products from proven company procedures, systems and training that might be useful to others. Perhaps some of these examples could be packaged as a valuable product in your business:

  • Sales systems and training
  • Marketing systems
  • Product fulfilment
  • Contracts, forms and documents
  • Staff training
  • Proven webinars and workshops
  • Operational procedures
  • Admin procedures
  • Bespoke software and apps
  • Instructional guides and plans
  • Management systems
  • Product templates and patterns

As well as selling products created from content systems and training, consider how you can add even more value by selling it in different formats and making it available for others to buy and sell.

Audio Book

Repackaging Content

Look for synergies in your on and offline content.  For example, in a B2B market; if you have different ways of successfully selling your products, take those elements and bundle them up into a unique product that is targeted to the customers you serve.


If selling B2C, bonus information products provide additional support to your core product and can show how to get the best value from what you're selling.  Not only that, it provides a valuable USP and will help convert more sales.

Also, consider selling content in a different formats for increased value. Voiceover text to create audio, audio transcription for text, PPT video with voiceover, online courses and printed materials.

Repurposing Content

Repurposing Content

Are there certain types of customers in specific industries that buy more training than others?  If so, take your best selling course or programme and modify slightly so that it becomes industry specific for your best selling market.

The time it would take to add a small amount of content and edit a few words would be minimal.  Of course, the basic principles must be the same and relevant to the niche market you are customising it for.

Don't just stop with one niche industry.  If there's a market, adapt courses and training programmes to multiple niches.  In doing so, you are creating multiple products from one core product and greatly increasing its revenue potential.


Licensing Content

Company intellectual property can conceal many hidden licensing opportunities that aren't always recognised.  Proven expertise and knowledge can be turned into products and licensed for additional revenue but it must have a successful track record. 

For example; a training company creates a successful sales course for a specific product or service.  They could license that course to other companies who would like to train their staff in a similar niche.

Selling resale rights or a specialised personal use license will command a much higher price than a normal product sale. Opportunities include: Training, technical knowledge, databases, contracts, proven marketing campaigns and many more.

New products can also be used as bonuses 

  • Use a bonus product to boost conversions 
  • Include a bonus product to reduce refunds
  • Incentivise webinars with a bonus product
  • Offer a bonus product to build an email list
  • Incentivise referrals with a bonus product
  • Offer a bonus product to request a free trial

If you would like to increase revenue with new products at minimum cost and time investment

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