Postcard Marketing

Postcards Cut Through The Clutter and Get Your Offer Read

Postcards work because they:

  • Demand attention and are impossible to ignore
  • Provide fast returns from existing customers
  • Are very effective at promoting offers
  • Don't need to be opened
  • Are cheap to send

  Postcard Marketing

Whether you are selling spa days, software or expensive health care plans; all products and services can be marketed successfully with postcards. If you are selling expensive products then obviously you aren't going to sell cars, cruises or executive coaching programs straight from a postcard. However they can take the reader to the next stage of the selling process.

The goal is to get them to take the next step by going online to enter their details for more information or download a free report.      You can then follow up to offer a free a meal, gift certificate, training session, consultation, test drive, invite to an event or anything that takes them nearer to the sale.  Having a really compelling offer is crucial if you want people to respond.

An A4 letter with printed website address or QR code gives you more space to explain your product or event and persuades them to go online to find out more.  The dedicated sales page linked to your letter or postcard can have a promotional video, photos, testimonials or anything else that helps to make a sale or generate a lead or they can simply bring the postcard into your business to redeem the offer or call to make an appointment.

An A5 (148 x 210) postcard can promote any product or service

We would be happy to help and advise you in all aspects of your postcard campaign including:

  • List selection
  • Writing the sales copy
  • Design and create the graphics
  • Plan, create and schedule your mailing

Please contact us without any obligation